This is the place where you can find helpful information and free software or data with regard to PStill (or other PostScript to PDF converter). All information presented here is given in the hope to be useful but without any warranty of any kind.

PStill needs PostScript fonts to work, it accepts standard PFB (these files with the postfix .pfb) or PFA fonts. For copyright reasons PStill is distributed without fonts, so you need to provide these yourself. The following links may help you to get PStill running in case you do not run the Windows version of PStill (Which can use the system fonts) and have no access to fonts.

Type 1 fonts as replacement for the 'standard' fonts

PostScript fonts distributed under the GNU license - (Installation instructions)

These fonts are ready to be used with PStill as 'replacement' for the default base fonts. Use this font set if the generated base fonts does not suffice. This archive is only provided for convenience, not as part of PStill and is distributed separately under the GNU license, see enclosed license.

For installation be sure to modify the file 'fontsub.table' to match the new font names (see installation instructions above). This file provides a 'mapping' of fontnames for PStill.

More Type 1 fonts are available e.g. as part of the CTAN TeX Archive, see this link. Be advised PStill may need the font 'Courier' (filename is 'cour.pfa') as base font and it may be found there. These fonts are not part of PStill and distributed under their own license (you will find on their web site as file COPYRIGHT or similar in most cases).

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