Please note: These fonts are not part of the PStill distribution. PStill/Win does not need these fonts to function. It can generate its own font set upon installation. However for some applications these fonts may give better results than the default base set. This set also includes more fonts and may be used as addition to your own base set.


  • Locate the GPStill folder, this is where you installed PStill/Win - usually C:\Program Files\GPStill or C:\Programme\GPStill.

  • Unpack the contents of the archive to the GPStill folder, all font files should be in the PSFonts folder after unpacking. This is where PStill keeps its fonts.

  • In the GPStill folder locate the file fontsub.table and rename it to fontsub_default.table

  • In the GPStill folder locate the file fontsub_gsfonts.table and rename it to fontsub.table
The fontsub.table is a file where font names can be mapped to other font names. E.g. a line inside:

[ /Arial /Helvetica ]
would cause all occurances of the font named "Arial" to be mapped to the font named "Helvetica" in the PDF result. Using this file you can specify which fonts PStill should use. Above fontsub_gsfonts.table contains already the full mappingi for all fonts in this file.

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