This page is dedicated to the (now ancient) NeXTSTEP operating system that was in use on NeXT hardware (link).

NeXT sold these machines in the early 1990, before porting the operating system to Intel hardware (this was discontinued later also). NeXT Inc. was then aquired by Apple Inc. and NeXTSTEP (then renamed and extended as OpenStep) became the ancestor of todays MacOS X. There are still a few of these great looking machines running today and this page is a download place for software for these boxes. May they run forever!

Area 51 NeXTSTEP Download Zone

UPDATE 12/2021 Restored links to MMP and added Binary Explorer to the list

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Considered stableBeta releaseUntested Alpha releaseJust a tip
MMP Version 3 - a player for MP3 and MIDI sound files also for the old 'black' m68k NeXT hardware. Runs in realtime on Turbo boxes and (22 kHz play) on 'normal' NeXTs (and full speed on Intel 486DX2 hardware). This version is fully 68040 assembler optimized. Now that the MP3 patent is expired back from the dead, can be downloaded here.
NXVNCViewer - a port of the VNCViewer application for OpenStep back to NeXSTSTEP 3.3 - Not much tested, it just works for me and placed here by request - please provide feedback and get it here. Source is here. This release is m68k/i386/sparc/hppa fat. Attention: You need to install the Foundation libs before using it. If you don't know about VNC visit the VNC homepage.
DropPDF will help you print out PDF files on NeXTSTEP. Get version 1.2 (NEW!) for NS 3.3 (and OS) Intel and (V1.0 at the moment) m68k machines. (No FAT version due to problems with the old c++ compiler on NS3.3)
NX48SX Emulator - provides a faithful emulation of a HP48SX calculator for NeXTSTEP. Full source code only. NO ROM FILE INCLUDED, YOU NEED TO OWN A REAL HP48SX TO USE THIS! Get it here.
BeYap Version 1.27 - an interactive PostScript tracer/debugger for NeXTSTEP/OpenSTEP. Compiled m68k and Intel FAT, get it here. BeYap is now free, use the key 'fabb92a1 1 1 BeYapFree' to register (without ').
Binary Explorer - a fever dream of a HexEditor for NeXSTSTEP 3.3, written in one week during the year 1992. Compiled for Intel, get it here.
MIBer V0.9 May 1998 - control program for Cisco 1003 and other ISDN routers that can be controlled over SNMP. Highly experimental, fetch the NS Intel binary here.
CINT C/C++ Interpreter by Masaharu Goto, HP Japan, ported to NeXTSTEP including a binary for NeXTSTEP 3.3/OpenStep Intel. All sources included, available here. Commercial users must register with the autor.
Qubic for NS/OS - play four in a row in 3D on your NeXTSTEP/OpenStep box, including sources for NS3.3, compiled quad-fat. Original by Bill Spitzak, ported by me, placed here by kind permission. Get it here.
NXNetWatch - a local IP monitor similar to KPerfMon, but specially made to monitor IP traffic. It paints nice load curves in the app icon. You can get it here.
Talker Version 1.04 - A talk interceptor. It will handle all UNIX 'talk' requests incoming on your machine and pops up a 'who is calling' window. You can respond with a single mouse click. The m68k/intel FAT binary is located here.
Speak-Freely-6.1c - an Internet phone program suite ported to NeXTSTEP/OpenStep. Includes audio stream recording and playing programs for NeXTSTEP (Intel) that really works on the braindead Intel hardware. The archive contains binaries for NS Intel and full sources. However you will notice that NeXT m68k hardware is too slow to support real-time compression. The original Speak-Freely page can be found at Fourmilab. Here is the ported version.
PI in PostScript [Updated 2.4.98] - A PostScript hack, it calculates almost any number of digits of the famous number Pi in PostScript (at the moment set to 1000 in the code - just edit and download to you printer or DPS system). Nice example on how to build and use bignum routines in PS.

WARNING: Be prepared to wait a long time for large numbers of digits. - A PostScript hack, it prints a random guess of the German Lotto 6 out of 49, PS Level 2 only. - A NeXTSTEP/Rhapsody Display PostScript hack. It installs a new DPS keyboard event handler permanently (until next login/reboot), which listens to the keyboard input and plays a sound (defineable) when a certain (defineable) key sequence is typed. Amuse your friends, confuse your enemies! :-)

If you run a NeXT system and just download it, the trigger sequence is 'Batman', just type it in any app after sndeve is installed.

ATTENTION: If you use OpenStep you should download this version instead, looks like there is some incompatibility depending on your release.

TTF to PS Type 3 converter - Source code and a NS Intel binary for a TrueType font to PS Type 3 converter. Written using the routines from the PPR package (see copyright note inside the source). It should run on most every *nix system without changes.
uname for NeXTSTEP - a little shell script to emulate a SysVish uname command. Needed for some software installations.
pnmscan.c - User level scanner driver for the Mustek Paragon CX6000 Series of three-pass scanners. Original written by Arno Augustin for Linux, FreeBSD and SunOS and adapted by me for use with NeXTSTEP. Also a nice example how to use the generic SCSI driver.
NcFTP 3.0 Beta7 - a very nice command line ftp client, compiled for NeXTSTEP/OpenStep (Binaries only). You may get the source from, but several things must be adapted to NS.
FontConvert Release 1.52 beta - a font converter for NeXTSTEP, it can convert most Macintosh and Windows Type 1 and 3 PostScript fonts and some TrueType fonts to the NeXTSTEP format. Version 1.5 now converts TrueTypes to Type 1 fonts and can change the font encoding for most fonts on the fly to StandardEncoding (so the fonts work with most characters on NeXTSTEP/OpenStep). 1.52 fixes a bug for PFB conversion (a crasher was introduced in 1.51)
RPNCalc for NS/OS Binary for Intel only. Be warned, RPNCalc is a hyper-feature calculator from my early days. It dates back to 1991 when I started working on NS and is placed here for its amusement factor only.
BPF for NeXTSTEP - An implementation of the Berkeley Packet Filters by Satoshi Adachi. Works with CAP 6.0 and various other programs (Ethernet sniffers (tcpdump) or a rarpd implementation could be done using this stuff) Click here for the site in Japan where it is located.
TCPDUMP for NeXTSTEP/OpenSTEP - A port of the tcpdump utility to monitor network traffic, compiled for Intel and m68k, needs the BPF (install CAPer as an easy way to get BPF without compiling). Can be downloaded for i386 machines and for m68k machines here.
MMAP for NeXTSTEP - by Fabien Roy and Robert Ehrlich, needed for compilation of MSQL and quite useful for other projects. The C-source can be fetched here.
RTF printing from the commandline - A great hack from the hands of the master himself - Eric P. Scott, was posted to USENET 1993 and archived here for later generations.
MTSET - sets your SCSI tape block size Invaluable if you want to share tapes with Linux or Solaris machines. Get it here.
RPC_Ping - A little tool like ping that does not use ICMP but tests the rpc services on the remote host. Written by Eric P. Scott quite a while ago. Available here.
Newspeak - A text filter for turning normal english text into the NewSpeak language used in the novel 1984. You can get it (as LEX source) here.
ThoughtTreasure - A program that can talk to you, read news and is otherwise a quite nice AI playground. See its home page.
Portable Object Compiler - a compiler for the Objective-C language for DOS, OS/2, BeOS (Metrowerks), MPW and a lot *NIXes. See its home page.

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