Structured output mode - rewriting a PDF, PS or EPS to make it available to other programs

Your application needs to parse PostScript, EPS, AI* and PDF and import vector, text or raster image information?

PStill can convert its input not only to PDF (or with the PSRW-Type License, to PS/EPS and TIFF) but can optional generate a normalized and structured description of it.

PStill breaks down the complex PostScript and PDF 'language' to a simple set of well defined elements that are uniform and easily parsable.

This mode is available in all newer PStills (1.72.9+), available in the PStill GUI with a PSRW-type license and is activated with the command line option '-m structured':

pstill -M default -m structured -o output.desc input

PStill DLL can also perform this conversion.

Using this EPS as input: test.eps (here as PDF test.pdf)

PStill generates this result: test.desc

See this documentation for details.

Starting with 1.76.22 PStill is also available in a special version that can automatically 'clip' graphic elements against each other, so no overlapping occurs for elements in the structured output. This version can also apply the current clippath to the output directly. Please contact me for details.

* Supported formats: PDF, EPS/PS, AI (AI 9.0 or newer, older AI formats with external AI prologue)

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