System programmer / Consultant Prepress / Network / Unix / PDF and Postscript Wizard / Miracle Worker / Freelance Hacker

The term 'Hacker' is not meant in the sense the media has given to this word recently. Here is an explanation what the term hacker really means.

Hobbies & Interests:

Jogging, Reading books, Astronomy, Building and flying RC planes, Music, Watching clouds, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Sleeping and Dreaming.

Geek Code:

Geek code (Version 2.1): GE d-- H s--: g+ !p au-- a- w+ v-- C+++ UBLSVX++++ 3+ E N+++ K W--- V -po+ Y+ t+++ !5 !j R- G' tv-- ty++ as+ b+++ D+ B--- e-- h++ f- r-- n--- y?

Physical Address:

See this contact information. You are not allowed to send me advertizing material to this address or to add this address to any advertizing list or sell it to any third party.

This is list is still to grow when I find some time...

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