This is a list of the known problems and errors in the current public CAPer release (V8 as of this writing). If you encounter a bug or problem not mentioned here, please submit a report of this bug to me.

[FIXED IN V9] I get a "Username/Password invalid" message when trying to mount a remote volume using CAPer's Network Chooser.

The /usr/local/cap/atident program is not up to date with some newer authentication schemes. Please use /usr/local/cap/afpmount in a shell as root to mount remote volumes if this happens to you.

Some applications fail to save to a AUFS network volume.

Since CAPer only fakes file locks all applications that tests for locking may fail. Save locally and copy your files over using the Finder. [Will be fixed in V10]

Some printers (RIPs) are not visible in the Network Chooser

The network chooser only displays entities of type "LaserWriter". This condition is case sensitive so for entities of type "Laserwriter" it won't work. [Will be fixed in V10]

[FIXED IN V9] The network chooser display is not quite nice

Yes, it will be improved to display its contents in a more nicer fashion and alphabetically.

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