Howto Rescale a PDF to larger/smaller size

To enlarge a small page (or shrink a large page) for tiling (e.g. to rescale a plan or diagramm) you need to rescale the PDF first. PStill can do that rather easily.

1. Download the desired rescale script and place it in the controls folder. This folder can be found in the PStill installation directory, usually c:\program file\gpstill\controls on US Windows systems.

PStill 1.74.10 and later versions already come with these scripts, so there is no need to install them

(Right click and select 'Save Link Target as...', navigate to the controls folder and save it there)

If you need a special rescale percentage just edit the script (there is only one number to change) and save it under a new name.

2. Follow the instructions as given for the page tiling but select the '' script instead of the '' script in the N-UP settings.

3. Create a new PDF. The output will now be rescaled.

You can now use that rescaled PDF to print or tile it.

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